AnnouncementsNewsSwapple Addition Marks Latest Crypto Buying Partnership on ProBit Global

Swapple Addition Marks Latest Crypto Buying Partnership on ProBit Global

Published date: August 21, 2023 at 01:53 (UTC+0)

ProBit Global is thrilled to welcome its latest fiat-to-crypto payment partner to our exchange, Swapple. Headquartered in Ukraine, Swapple is a leading payment network, created as a gateway to receive, send, and exchange local currencies and digital assets.

Founded in 2020, Swapple allows users to easily and securely make cryptocurrency purchases from an ever-expanding list of reserve currencies. Being based in Ukraine has given Swapple a strong foothold in the Ukraine market, while also serving territories in Southeast Asia. Swapple goes beyond conventional card purchases using Visa and Mastercard by providing novel payment methods such as Open Banking, Virtual Account, QR Code and MoMo, to name a few. These innovative additions to ProBit Global’s list of trusted payment methods is yet another way that we aim to make the crypto onboarding process a breeze for our customers, old and new.

Swapple has built up a solid pedigree in the cryptocurrency space, partnering as a payment provider for major exchanges such as Binance, OKX and Bitget. What’s more, many crypto exchanges trust Swapple to provide a payment on-ramp for peer-to-peer trading products that they offer. Using Swapple, ProBit Global users can enjoy fees as low as 0.02% across the board and limits up to USD $10,000 (depending on your choice of fiat currency).

As a Top 20 crypto exchange, this new partnership is aligned with ProBit Global’s overarching philosophy of providing users with the freedom of choice when it comes to building their crypto portfolios. Furthermore, our valued users can rest assured that Swapple incorporates class-leading security measures to keep customer data safe from any threats. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership as we continue to connect traditional financial systems with the ever-growing crypto markets.

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