AnnouncementsEventsProBit Global Lists Ignis (IGNIS) 200,000 IGNIS Coins For ProBit Users

ProBit Global Lists Ignis (IGNIS) 200,000 IGNIS Coins For ProBit Users

Published date: March 26, 2019 at 02:46 (UTC+0)



ignis_event_en.pngProBit Global ( is glad to announce the listing of Ignis (IGNIS).


Listing Schedule

Deposit Date: 27 Mar 2019

Listing Date: 29 Mar 2019



IGNIS Listing Events

Total Amount: 200,000 IGNIS


  • Buy/Deposit IGNIS, Earn IGNIS

         Duration: 29 Mar - 11 Apr 2019

A total of 100,000 IGNIS will be distributed to users in proportion to the net purchase and net deposit of IGNIS by users in this duration. Each account may receive a maximum of 5,000 IGNIS.


  • Hold PROB, Earn IGNIS

Holders of over 500 PROB tokens will receive 100,000 IGNIS in proportion to the number of PROB held, subject to a cap per account. A snapshot will be taken on a random date in May. 



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Ignis (

Ignis is an Ardor platform-based public blockchain that allows for the creation of dApps and Lightweight Smart Contracts. It boasts over 12 transactional features and 250 available API’s while also being written in Java in order to facilitate quick incorporation of features such as issuing assets, asset properties, asset exchanges, and many more.





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