AnnouncementsEventsJobchain (JOB) Token Sales Event - 1,000,000 JOB ($10,000) up for grabs!

Jobchain (JOB) Token Sales Event - 1,000,000 JOB ($10,000) up for grabs!

Published date: May 10, 2019 at 05:26 (UTC+0)



Jobchain (JOB) Token Sales Event

Event period: Duration of Jobchain IEO

Prize pool: 1,000,000 JOB


Reward distribution date: 3 months from the first exchange listing


The top 5 accounts with the highest net purchases of JOB will be rewarded with a total of 500,000 JOB!


     1st place: 250,000 JOB (worth $2,500)

     2nd place: 125,000 JOB (worth $1,250)

     3rd place: 75,000 JOB (worth $750)

     4th place: 30,000 JOB (worth $300)

     5th place: 20,000 JOB (worth $200)



The first 100 buyers of JOB with a minimum net purchase of $300 will receive an additional 5,000 JOB bonus.

Terms & Conditions:


  • Rewards will only be distributed when at least 90% of the token sale is subscribed.
  • If a transaction is deemed to be fraudulent, JOB reserves the right to exclude the transaction from the event.
  • JOB reserves the right to request personal information to the winners of the event for public charge and tax purposes. In the event that the winners are not willing or unable to provide personal information, winnings will be canceled.
  • The announcement date and bonus distribution date can be subject to change under certain circumstances of ProBit Global.
  • The event date can be subject to change or canceled under certain circumstances of JOB and ProBit Global without notice.