AnnouncementsIEOsPayment Porte Token (PORTE) IEO Round 3 Announcement

Payment Porte Token (PORTE) IEO Round 3 Announcement

Published date: August 26, 2019 at 05:31 (UTC+0)



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▶ IEO Duration

18 September 2019 (Wednesday), 03:00 UTC to 21 September 2019 (Saturday), 02:59 UTC


▶ Price

PORTE will be priced at $0.05/PORTE.


▶ Bonuses

  • Buy PORTE using PROB, Get 30% Bonus

Users will gain 30% more PORTE by purchasing PORTE through PROB. PROB is the token of ProBit Global, which offers its holders multiple airdrops and benefits.

  • Buy PORTE using USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP, Get 25% Bonus

Users will gain 25% more PORTE by purchasing PORTE through USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP.


▶ KYC Verification Notice

All participants of Payment Porte Token's token sale are required to complete KYC verification. Users are required to complete the entire KYC verification process at ProBit Global ( after the IEO. 


▶ About Payment Porte Token (

Payment Porte is a fintech startup that is building The NEW WAVE of digital payment solutions, utilizing a decentralized, public blockchain, and distributed ledger technology. The platform will enable faster, less expensive, and brighter technology allowing individuals and businesses to modernize, whilst taking advantage of enhanced efficiency, and profitability.

Payment Porte will provide fast, affordable, secure, cross border payment gateway for modern enterprises, port-maritime industries, importers and exporters of global trade cargo.



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▶ IEO at ProBit Global

ProBit Global is able to support an IEO with more than 5 currencies, multiple sales round, different bonus rates, and various lock-up structures. The funds received are stored with the same high level protections that ProBit Global uses for exchange's deposits.

Preferential listing treatment is given to projects that conduct IEO on ProBit Global.

For more information on running an IEO on ProBit Global, please send an email to [email protected]