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ProBit Global x Pawtocol (UPI) Blockchain Dog Tag Giveaway Event

Published date: December 19, 2019 at 06:52 (UTC+0)


Pawtocol (UPI) is giving out 4,000 free Blockchain Dog Tags for ProBit Pet Parents and 1,000 free Blockchain Dog Tags for Korean Rescue Pets!

*Only ProBit KYC-qualified users are eligible to reserve a Blockchain Dog Tag and only one tag per customer is allowed.


What is a Blockchain Dog Tag? 

The Blockchain Dog Tag securely organizes all of your pet’s information on the blockchain. It’s the entry point to Pawtocol’s advanced pet community where pet parents are rewarded with Universal Pet Income (UPI), Pawtocol’s digital currency.


How do I get the Blockchain Dog Tag?

  1. Sign up and complete KYC Verification at ProBit:
  2. Click here to reserve your free Blockchain Dog Tag.  


▶ Important Notice

  • Only the first 4,000 users who completed the reservation will receive a free Blockchain Dog Tag.
  • Due to overwhelming demand, pet owners can only reserve one free Blockchain Dog Tag before launch. They can be used by dogs, cats, or other animals such as rabbits and hamsters.
  • When the tags are ready, an announcement with detailed instructions on how to claim the tag shall be made on Pawtocol’s social media and Telegram group. 


What is Pawtocol?

Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who are disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology to construct an ecosystem that benefits pet parents, veterinarians, manufacturers and retailers. By combining blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies, the Pawtocol ecosystem will allow all participants to make better use of the vast amount of data generated within the space.


About UPI 

The platform’s ERC-20 token, Universal Pet Income (UPI), fuels the ecosystem and it’s been designed with ease-of-use in mind.  Additionally, it provides two important benefits. First, it represents purchasing power as users can transact with other participants natively within the platform. Second, it is both the medium and incentive by which a pet’s data is converted into financial value. 


Animal Welfare & Community Activism

The motivation behind Pawtocol is to improve the lives of pets everywhere.  That objective will be achieved by delivering unique value in our platform, such as through our crowdsourced product verifications or a pet’s ability to earn an income.  We’re also working directly with the animal rescue community in our limited release launch of Pawtocol’s Blockchain Dog Tag. We’re setting aside 1,000 dog tags that arrive preloaded with UPI for rescue organizations in Korea to use in offsetting the costs of their important efforts.  In addition, on an on-going basis a portion of the onboarding fees associated with new Blockchain Dog Tag activations will go to animal rescues globally.


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▶ Terms and Conditions

  • ProBit Global and Pawtocol reserve the right to halt or discontinue the event with sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global and Pawtocol  reserve the right to cancel or amend the event rules with sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global and Pawtocol reserve the right for final interpretation of the results of these events.