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TurboTrix Finance (TTF) Trading Competition

Published date: July 8, 2021 at 02:43 (UTC+0)

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Event Duration: 12 July 2021, 07:00 UTC - 26 July 2021, 14:00 UTC

Prize Pool: 900,000 TTF


Event eligibility requirement: A minimum of 100 PROB must be staked in order to be eligible for this event and staked PROB can’t be decreased during the competition duration.

Stake PROB:

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Trade TTF, Earn TTF 

A trading competition will be held for TTF/USDT trading pair. A total of 900,000 TTF will be distributed to the Top 20 volume traders in this order:

1st place: 55,800 TTF 

2nd place: 54,675 TTF 

3rd place: 53,550 TTF 

4th place: 52,425 TTF 

5th place: 51,300 TTF 

6th place: 50,175 TTF 

7th place: 49,050 TTF 

8th place: 47,925 TTF 

9th place: 46,800 TTF 

10th place: 45,675 TTF 

11th place: 44,550 TTF 

12th place: 43,425 TTF 

13th place: 42,300 TTF  

14th place: 41,175 TTF 

15th place: 40,050 TTF 

16th place: 38,925 TTF 

17th place: 37,800 TTF 

18th place: 36,675 TTF 

19th place: 35,550 TTF 

20th place: 32,175 TTF

*Earn lower trading fees by staking PROB

Staking PROB will unlock lower trading fees based on your membership level which is determined by how much you stake. Higher PROB staking amounts receive the lowest trading fees so stake your PROB to start enjoying the benefits. 

For more on trading fees, please refer here: 

Stake PROB!


  • A minimum of 100 PROB must be staked to join all trading competitions.
  • Users’ staked PROB can’t be decreased during the competition duration.
  • Trading competition rankings will be determined according to the USDT converted total trading volume: (
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to cancel or amend the event rules with sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right for final interpretation of the results of these events.
  • In the case of a tie, PROB holding amount will be used to determine the winner.