AnnouncementsMaintenance[Updated] ProBit Global has delisted Comfy Token (COMFY) and closed withdrawals

[Updated] ProBit Global has delisted Comfy Token (COMFY) and closed withdrawals

Published date: May 4, 2022 at 06:12 (UTC+0)

*June 13 update: Withdrawals for COMFY have been closed following delisting, please refer below for details. 


Upon further investigation into the contract code, it was revealed that ProBit Global’s COMFY hot wallet was essentially locked due to a withdrawal restriction set by the Comfy Token team.

  • Deposits are now closed.
  • The COMFY/USDT and COMFY/BTC trading pairs and all open orders have been removed.
  •  Withdrawals are now closed.]
  • If withdrawal has been suspended, please contact the project team directly. ProBit Global is unable to assist with node issues or maintenance happening on the tokens' mainnets. 
  • ProBit Global will resume withdrawal once node and mainnet block operations are fully restored.

As the following screenshots show, the smart contract settings have made it impossible to process any COMFY withdrawals moving forward. 



maxTxAmount set to 0, meaning any transfer amount exceeding 0 with fail.



Example of a withdrawal failing to execute due to “maxTxAmount” settings.


ProBit Global will continue to do our utmost in conducting thorough checks on all listings as our users’ best interests and safety remain at the forefront of our priorities. 


We do apologize for any inconvenience,

ProBit Global