AnnouncementsEventsBalloon (BALO) Buying Champion Event - 300,000 BALO up for grabs!

Balloon (BALO) Buying Champion Event - 300,000 BALO up for grabs!

Published date: April 13, 2020 at 07:35 (UTC+0)


Event duration: April 16, 2020, Thursday, 06:00 UTC to May 3, 2020, Sunday 06:00 UTC 

Total reward amount: 300,000 BALO

Distribution date: Rewards will be sent out within 2 weeks after the event ends


BALO Buying Champion 


The Top 10 accounts with the highest net purchase of BALO within the event duration will be rewarded with a total of 300,000 BALO during the event duration.

1st: 120,000 BALO

2nd: 90,000 BALO

3rd: 30,000 BALO

4th: 11,000 BALO

5th: 10,500 BALO

6th: 10,000 BALO

7th: 9,500 BALO

8th: 9,000 BALO

9th: 5,500 BALO

10th: 4,500 BALO



  • BALO net purchase volume: Buying volume - selling volume - withdrawal volume during the duration above
  • A minimum trading volume of 100 BALO during the event duration is required in order to be eligible. 
  • A minimum of 100 PROB must be staked in order to be eligible. Users’ staked PROB can’t be decreased during the competition duration.