AnnouncementsMaintenanceMax Property Group (MPG) trading suspended, withdrawals reopened

Max Property Group (MPG) trading suspended, withdrawals reopened

Published date: August 4, 2020 at 01:13 (UTC+0)

Due to the official request of the MPG team, ProBit Global has suspended MPG trading effective immediately. Please be sure to withdraw your MPG and cancel any open orders.

You can refer to the official announcement from the MPG team. 

ProBit Global


“Dear MPG Community,

Yesterday and today we experienced another hack of the MPG token. This had nothing to do with Ardor and all to do with someone having access to Max Crowdfund. We are investigating how this occurred, but it would appear to be the same person who obtained access in February this year.

In total over 20M MPG tokens were obtained illegally. The hacker has replied that he will share information on how he accessed the system and return the MPG stolen for 15 BTC. Obviously this is not going to happen.

One of the solutions is to deactivate the MPG child chain and launch another child chain. This would be opportune with the upcoming hard fork of Ardor, but needs to be discussed with Jelurida.

As the Dutch National Bank is not allowing us to charge MPG tokens for the transactional fees on our platform, there is no need to keep MPG tokens on your account on Max Crowdfund. All remaining MPG tokens are now being transferred to our cold wallet.

Please withdraw your MPG tokens from exchanges immediately and do not purchase any MPG on the Ardor DEX or any other platform.

Remove all orders (both buy and sell) from all exchanges immediately.

There is no point in buying MPG tokens now, as we will make them worthless soon. All current balances will be restored with the new tokens to wallets you control yourself and to people who identify themselves on Max Crowdfund.

The hack has shown that the controlled assets are safe, since they cannot be transferred out, and this is the essential part of Max Property Group using blockchain technology. Our business plans for the future are therefore still valid, especially since we obtained the AFM approval recently.

We will provide you with more information when we have it.”