AnnouncementsEventsOasisBloc (OSB) Staking Event Round 2 - 100,000 OSB in Rewards

OasisBloc (OSB) Staking Event Round 2 - 100,000 OSB in Rewards

Published date: November 5, 2020 at 05:31 (UTC+0)


Event duration: 6 November 2020, Friday 07:00 UTC - until allocation runs out

Maximum total allocation for event: 1,000,000 OSB

Period per stake: 30/60/90 days

Minimum staking amount: 100 OSB


Join the OSB Staking Event


Stake OSB, Earn OSB

Users staking OSB on ProBit Global for the staking duration below will receive daily OSB staking rewards according to the following:


 ▶ Terms & Conditions

  • Staked OSB can’t be traded or withdrawn during the staking duration.
  • The OSB staking campaign will be available until further notice.
  • The staking period of 30/60/90 days is counted from the date that the staking is set up. 
  • Staking rewards will be distributed on a daily basis.
  • The campaign rules and date are subject to change, and the staking campaign can be canceled under certain circumstances by ProBit Global and the OasisBloc team without further notice.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules for the OasisBloc staking campaign.