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[ProBit Exclusive - BTC Subscription Results]

Published date: December 29, 2020 at 06:31 (UTC+0)


We’ve finalized the data and the results are in! 

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Subscription Results

Final Price (50% discount): 29,873.80707981 PROB (11856.8 USDT)

Total Subscription: 45.1428110664226 BTC

Total Allocation: 2.1084947034613 BTC

Oversubscription Rate: 21.41X


BTC allocation has been sent out!

BTC has already been distributed to all participants who subscribed. A notification has been sent to your email account at ProBit.


Thank you for making the BTC ProBit Exclusive another success, stay tuned for a sneak peek at our next 24-hour Exclusive sale!

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