AnnouncementsEvents“ProBit Exclusive” - Premium Listing Platform

“ProBit Exclusive” - Premium Listing Platform

Published date: July 10, 2020 at 08:12 (UTC+0)


ProBit Global is excited to announce the launch of the ProBit Exclusive platform!

ProBit Exclusive Countdown


💰 Buy Tokens at a HUGE Discount

ProBit Exclusive is a premium secondary listing where ProBit Global users can subscribe to and purchase popular pre-selected tokens with lucrative discounts. The tokens selected will be liquid, established tokens with a respectable market cap.


👉 ProBit Exclusive will guarantee that all participants get a piece of the pie. In the event of an...

  • Oversubscription: In the case that user demand is more than the token supply designated for the ProBit Exclusive quota, all participants will receive tokens proportionately less to their originally purchased amount.

For example, if 1m tokens were supplied for ProBit Exclusive, but 2m tokens were subscribed for by users, everyone will receive half the amount subscribed.

  • Undersubscription: If not all tokens have been claimed, all participants will receive their originally purchased amount.   


🔥 Get the Hottest Tokens

Many promising blockchain projects are already lined up to participate in ProBit Exclusive!

We have already onboarded several of the Top 200 tokens to give all users a chance to acquire some of the hottest tokens at very big discounts with readily abundant liquidity.


➡️ How to Buy Tokens at ProBit Exclusive

Check out the ProBit Exclusive page to find out when the next one will be launched


👉How to subscribe to 50% off


Follow us on Twitter & Telegram for updates and information on which of the top tokens will be featured, discount rates, dates, and more.


Thank you for your support,

ProBit Global