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ROVI Network (ROVI) IEO Round 2

Fecha de Publicación: 22 de septiembre de 2022, 5:40 (UTC+0)

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 IEO Duration

October 1, 2022, 03:00 UTC to October 20, 2022, 03:00 UTC


ROVI will be priced at $0.07/ROVI.


  • Buy ROVI using PROB, Get 5% Bonus

Users will gain 5% more ROVI by purchasing ROVI through PROB. PROB is the token of ProBit Global, which offers its holders multiple airdrops and benefits.


IEO tokens are subject to vesting, or strategically timed distribution of tokens according to specified timeframes.

What is IEO Token Vesting?

  • ROVI vesting schedule

Listing date (TGE)

20% released

After TGE (Monthly)

20% released per month

 KYC Verification Notice

Users are required to complete the entire KYC verification process at ProBit Global ( after the IEO.

About ROVI Network

 Introduction (

ROVI Network is a Web3 powerhouse building infrastructure and platforms to bring Crypto to the daily lives of billions of users in the simplest ways, through the $ROVI token at the heart of the ecosystem. Below are our current 3 core inter-linked products, which anyone in the world can download and literally “Text”/“Pay”/“Play” into Crypto in under a minute:

  • 1) M91 - Crypto Super App built around World’s fastest/simplest P2P Crypto Payments experience for a mass-market user, with multiple daily life utilities built on top by a developer ecosystem. Think WeChat Pay but for Crypto.
  • 2) Keyboard91 - An AI Smart Keyboard App that rewards back for time/attention on Messaging. Rewards get consumed or burnable to earn Crypto on M91 Super App. Think WhatsApp but paying rewards for messaging.
  • 3) Gaming91 - Fantasy/Skills/Prediction Gaming platform but on Crypto run by smart contracts, also integrated on M91 Super App.
  • 4) Critical Infrastructure to on-board Billions of Users on to Web3 - Multi Party Computation (MPC) based Secure keyless Wallet Infra, Gasless Transactions Infra and 1-click On/Off Ramp Infra.

ROVI Network is a revenue-generating platform on Day 0, driven by fundamental value, through established business models of user transaction fees/commissions (B2C), and ad revenues/take-rates driven by user engagement and distribution (B2B). With only 400M tokens in supply initially, Demand for $ROVI token comes from:

  • 1) Utility - stake tokens for rewards and network profit share (Net Deflationary), Gamification (more tokens holding == more rewards minting power), Token Gated Experiences (play prediction/tournaments, buy retail NFTs, etc.)
  • 2) Businesses - use tokens to promote business across the ROVI network to earn transactions
  • 3) Buy and Burn - funded by ROVI network revenues from time to time.

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