Brand Assets

Logo guide

Our logo is the most important symbol representing ProBit Global and plays a key role in delivering its brand image. In this sense, the shape and proportion of all the elements in the logo must remain the same. It is preferred to use the vertical form. Only when circumstances do not allow, the horizontal form can be used.


Brand name guidelines

When you write the brand name of ProBit Global, the following should be observed to minimize confusion.

Every letter of our brand name may be capitalized.

The letter ‘B’ of the word ‘ProBit’ should be capitalized.

‘ProBit’ should not be used solely.

Spacing should be used between ‘ProBit’ and ‘Global’ to distinguish between them.

Color guidelines

ProBit Global Ultramarine is the brand color symbolizing ProBit Global. You may choose among the colors from the following ultramarine palette such that it provides the best contrast for either light or dark backgrounds.


HEX #4231c8
RGB 66 49 200
CMYK 90 90 0 0

Ultramarine (For Dark Theme)

HEX #504ced
RGB 80 76 237
CMYK 83 71 0 0


HEX #7b7b7b
RGB 123 123 123
CMYK 60 52 48 0

Guidelines for partnerships

When the ProBit Global logo is displayed together with the partner’s logo, please refer to this image and do not modify the position and size of the logo. If modification is unavoidable make sure its proportions are maintained and there should be sufficient clear space around the logo.


The shape and proportion of our logo must be maintained, and any arbitrary modification is prohibited including distortion and changes in element, effect, or color.

Do not stretch or skew perspective and size of the logo.

Do not add or layer a background behind the logo.

Do not alter the shape or spacing of the elements of the logo.

Do not use an arbitrary combination of colors.

Do not adjust fonts of the logo.

Do not apply a drop shadow effect to the logo.

Do not outline the logo.

Do not use the old version of the logo.

Do not change the logo color.

Do not change the layout of the logo.