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Trading Fee Structure at ProBit Global

Published date: October 12, 2018 at 07:57 (UTC+0)

Deposit Fees

ProBit Global does not claim any deposit fees, however, some coins require a network deposit fee. You may check it on the Deposit & Withdrawal Fees page.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees will be applied when assets are withdrawn from ProBit Global. The withdrawal fee structure and minimum withdrawal amounts can be found on the Deposit & Withdrawal Fees page.

Trading Fees

The default trading fee at ProBit Global is 0.2%. The VIP membership structure provides effective trading fees as low as 0.03% for VIP level 6 and above. Paying trading fees using PROB tokens gives enhanced bonuses as well.

Changes to Fee Structure

Any changes to the fee structure are up to the sole discretion of ProBit Global. As market conditions change, ProBit Global can and will change the fee structure to provide the most economical solution for the platform and traders. Adjustments specific to trading fees will be announced in advance so traders can adjust their investment strategy.