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Not Receiving Emails From ProBit Global

Published date: August 18, 2019 at 05:35 (UTC+0)

If you are unable to receive emails from ProBit Global after allowing for a few minutes to pass, consider the following solutions below.

Check the spam folder

The emails may have been treated as junk mail by your email service provider. To prevent ProBit Global emails getting into your spam, please whitelist ProBit Global addresses.

  • Remove ProBit Global email from your spam list

Search for the email in your inbox

The emails may have been buried in your busy inbox. Search for terms such as "ProBit Global", "ProBit Support", "verification", or other words related to the email that you are looking for.


Check for issues with your email service provider

Depending on your provider or network, it may take some time for your email to be delivered. If the problem is recurring, contact your email service provider.

If you are still unable to receive emails after considering all of the above solutions, please contact us for further support.