AnnouncementsNewsProBit Global VIP Membership: Stake PROB, Trading Fees as low as 0.03%

ProBit Global VIP Membership: Stake PROB, Trading Fees as low as 0.03%

Published date: March 6, 2020 at 00:43 (UTC)

🔹 What are the membership levels at ProBit?

ProBit has 12 membership levels: Standard and VIP 1 to VIP 11. Membership levels are determined by PROB staking amounts.


🔹 What are the benefits of higher membership levels?

Those with higher membership levels will benefit from reduced trading fees, and higher referral bonuses.


🔹 How do I get trading fee discounts?
The default trading fee at ProBit is 0.2%. There are several ways to get trading fee discounts:

1.  Stake PROB

Move into a higher membership tier by staking PROB: How to Stake PROB >

2. Pay trading fees in PROB

Trading fees are paid using the quote currency by default (e.g. Trading fees will be paid in USDT for the trading pair BTC/USDT). You can choose to pay trading fees using PROB in order to get additional trading fee discounts. How to pay trading fees using PROB >


🔹 How much in trading fee discounts will I receive?

The trading fee amount will depend on:

1. Membership level (i.e. amount of PROB staked)

2. If the trading fee is paid in PROB


💡 By paying trading fees in PROB, you can lower your trading fees by an additional 0.02%.

(10% ~ 40% additional discount when compared to payments with quote currencies such as USDT/BTC/ETH)


🔹 How can I pay trading fees in PROB

Go to My Page and activate “Pay trading fees with PROB”.



  • Notwithstanding the activation, if you don’t have enough PROB for the fee payment, trading fees will be paid in quote currencies such as USDT/BTC/ETH.
  • PROB that is in staking wallet can’t be used for trading fee payments. Please make sure that there is sufficient PROB in your (exchange) wallet prior to trade execution.


🔹 What are the other benefits of staking PROB?

Aside from lower trading fees, here are additional benefits of staking PROB:

1. Higher Referral Bonus

Earn up to a 30% referral bonus by inviting friends to ProBit. Start referring friends >

2. Join Trading Competitions

Stake PROB and be eligible to join Trading Competitions at ProBit.

3. Access to ProBit Exclusive Events
Get access to 50% discounts on premium tokens! The more PROB staked, the higher your subscription allocation for ProBit Exclusive events.

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