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Dogelon Mars

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Dogelon Mars

From Earth to Mars: Dogelon Mars Redefines Memecoins

Dogelon Mars is a Doge-themed cryptocurrency released in 2021, aiming to become the first intergalactic money system for future space colonizers on Mars. Dogelon Mars garnered significant interest by boasting the world's largest liquidity pool in terms of USD value, locked forever. Inspired by Shiba Inu, 50% of the token supply was sent to Vitalik Buterin as a thank you for creating the Ethereum Blockchain. The total remaining circulating supply was immediately added to Uniswap and locked upon launch. Similarly inspired by SHIB, the total supply of ELON tokens is fixed at 1,000,000,000,000,000.

The story of Dogelon is chronicled in a comic book series and animated episodes. With over 200,000 holders, several innovative NFT projects, and expansive partnerships throughout the web3 space, Dogelon is one of the top tokens in its category.

What are some of the innovative NFT projects that are under the Dogelon Mars brand?

ELON is the only Memecoin to have a comic book series chronicling the origin story of its namesake protagonist, Dogelon Mars. The Dogelon Mars Comic Series features five 1/1 NFT comics released starting in April 2021, with subsequent installments being released over time.

The Dogelon Mars AI NFT was launched in September 2024 and features the ability to generate images of Dogelon that users can influence with their own inputs. Users can choose to mint their generation on the blockchain or simply generate Dogelon AI images for their own creative enjoyment. While each mint costs 0.009 ETH, each generation is free and can even be created in the Dogelon telegram via the Dogelon AI bot or by tagging @DogelonThis on Twitter.

Dogelon: Mission Solana is the latest NFT release from the ELON community and is the first NFT to be on the Solana network. Released in January 2024, this collection commemorates the release of, and ability to bridge over Dogelon to the Solana network and is a 969-item PFP collection.

What are some of the Partnerships Dogelon Mars has that users might be interested in?

In the few short years Dogelon Mars has been around, Dogelon has cultivated an expansive set of partnerships including, but not limited to:

- ETH staking with Frax Finance

- Boosted LP rewards with the Orca DEX

- The RUFUS Testnet Arbitrum Nova implementation in collaboration with Caldera

- Dogelon Mars Debit Card with Xswipe

And while not a direct partnership, Dogelon Mars has engaged with and been mentioned in a tweet by the International Space Station (ISS). The Dogelon Mars DAO intends to continue these engagements with other protocols and projects to expand partnerships wherever there may be a fitting opportunity. Other initiatives include community airdrops, the Dogelon Mars apparel shop, and the Dogelon puzzle website, all of which took place or were released in the past month

What does the future of Dogelon Mars look like?

Currently, Dogelon Mars is expanding to other chains such as Solana. The Dogelon DAO is also looking into Metaverse opportunities. There are also in-person meetups promoting and supporting Dogelon thrown by the community. These events serve to spread the word about the project but also to allow community members to show their support and get to know each other.

Where can I learn more about Dogelon Mars?

To learn more, visit or to see more recent developments by the Dogelon DAO.