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Embrace The Future of Social Investing With Kambria


DAOs have gained significant attention in recent years for their potential to disrupt traditional organizational structures across various sectors. They are being utilized for crowdfunding, decentralized finance, art collectives, and more.

The possibilities are vast, and Kambria Network – an open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT) – is on the cutting edge of this innovation and collaboration.

With the Kambria Network, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing deep tech solutions and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. The Kambria missions is simple – this project aims to shaping the future of technology, where technology is open and contributes more to society.

Kambria’s main initiative is Kambria DAOs. In a nutshell, DAOs are a way for the community to co-own technology. If you are interested in co-owning a technology, you can join the DAO of that solution to decide the development and commercialization of it, and earn shared revenue when the solution is commercialized.

What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a groundbreaking form of organization that operates on the principles of decentralization and autonomy, enabled by blockchain technology. Unlike traditional hierarchical structures, DAOs are built on a network of smart contracts, removing the need for central authority and putting decision-making power directly in the hands of participants.

Each Kambria DAO is started by a Dev Team submitting their proposal with a solution that they can develop and release for a community of users to co-own. The community collectively buys into the solution by participating in the DAO using Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens. The Dev Team then starts to develop the solution, providing ongoing progress reports.

The DAO, as owners of the solution, will decide and contribute to the commercialization of the solution, as well as earn revenue for their contributions.

What kind of technology solutions are suitable for Kambria DAOs?

To be suitable for Kambria DAOs, the technology solutions should prioritize societal and community impact, aligning with the decentralized nature of the DAOs for more effective implementation.

Moreover, solutions should fall within the realm of deep tech verticals (e.g., robotics, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, IoT).

Dev Teams should be open to community collaboration and co-ownership of the solutions to facilitate its realization.

Kambria Model DAO to be established in 2024

The Model DAO that Kambria plans to establish in 2024 will showcase what Kambria has been developing, with the goal for this DAO to enter the commercialization phase in 2024 where KAT is used in DAO transactions.

Using KAT tokens in the Kambria DAO ecosystem

Using either USDT or KAT tokens bought on ProBit Global, interested users can buy DAO LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens on the Kambria platform (with the DAO created and run on XDAO). Once they have bought these tokens, they may select a DAO of their choice and participate in the day-to-day running of the organization.

Becoming a member of a Kambria DAO provides the opportunity for all DAO LP token holders to earn revenue sharing in the commercialization phase.

KAT holders in Kambria DAOs can enjoy select deals in the Kambria DAO ecosystem, with all purchases paid by KAT discounted significantly to 50%, versus payments made in USDT.

KAT holders can also earn profits from reselling DAO products and becoming DAO Channel Partners in their local regions or countries.

Manufacturers can use KAT to purchase NFT IP Licenses to become Production Partners of the DAO, to manufacture the DAO products in their localities or countries. Community members can also use KAT to purchase DAO products or membership, or alternatively can use KAT to purchase DAO LP tokens and become DAO members.

LP tokens of Kambria DAOs

LP tokens of Kambria DAOs are Revenue Sharing Tokens that token holders will be rewarded instantly at the time of recording revenues.

Councils of Kambria DAOs

Among DAO members who hold LP tokens, the top fund contributors and the most active members may join the DAO Council to make decisions for the DAO.

DAOs are a unique way for a community to co-own a technology, and step-by-step, we are coming closer to the vision of democratizing technology ownership and accelerating innovations. The possibilities are vast, and ProBit Global is proud to partner with a project on the cutting edge of this innovation and collaboration.

How to buy KAT tokens and become a DAO contributor

If you are interested in contributing funds to the DAO, to become an owner of Kambria’s DAO technology solutions and benefit from revenue sharing, check out this article for a demonstration on how to join. You can buy KAT on ProBit Global here.

Join the Kambria Network by bookmarking their Tokenomics page for important milestone updates, announcements and token statistics. Be sure to follow Kambria’s social channels for latest updates of their activities, especially the Kambria Discord Community.