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RADA: Bringing Better Governance to Football


RADA (Rookie and DAO) brings together football fans and crypto enthusiasts in a groundbreaking bid to integrate blockchain technology into sports and entertainment. By introducing a decentralized approach to club management, the RADA Foundation aims to become a model for fair operations and talent development for football leagues across the globe.

RADA DAO and Foundation

The RADA DAO is the core of the RADA ecosystem, and forms the backbone of the RADA Foundation. The Foundation supports fundraising, development and management of the Web3 DAO platform, while DAO members handle projects within the platform. It facilitates proposals and voting on new projects, as well as important decision-making processes within ongoing projects.

RADA Goals

The RADA Foundation has three main objectives which it hopes to achieve through its DAO:

  1. Firstly, it aims to acquire a lower-league European football club and leverage Web 3.0 technology to enhance the club's digital capabilities both on and off the field. This acquisition aims to promote corporate governance, transparency, and accountability in club management.
  2. Secondly, the foundation aims to support young football players through the RADA Nurturing Program, providing them with structured training, care, and funding opportunities to nurture their talent and help them achieve success as global sports elites.
  3. Lastly, the project aims to engage and empower fans by integrating blockchain technology, specifically non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing fan participation in club decision-making, promoting fan ownership, and enhancing the overall fan experience.

Empowering The Community

What benefits do you get from being a member of the RADA DAO?

As a RADA holder, you’ll be able to own a piece of a European football club. Being part of the RADA DAO entails fan engagement and participation, enabling supporters to have a say in club governance and decision-making processes. The Foundation allocates token rewards to the DAO community, allowing members to enjoy greater benefits. To become a RADA DAO member, all you need to do is connect your Metamask wallet to the RADA platform and hold 1 or more RADA tokens.

RADA Token Utility

The RADA project is built on the Ethereum network, with the RADA token (ERC-20) and NFT (ERC-721) powering the RADA platform. All activities conducted by the RADA Foundation are carried out through transactions involving the RADA token, while RADA NFTs offer utility features that distinguish them from conventional collectible NFTs.

The Power of RADA NFTs

RADA offers four different types of NFTs:

  1. Contract Verification NFTs
  2. Ambassador NFTs
  3. Rookie Set NFTs
  4. Funding NFTs

Certain NFTs can be obtained through NFT draws using RADA tokens, while others can be acquired by proposing funding for players and receiving acceptance from the DAO. The most significant advantage of RADA NFTs is that they grant voting weight during participation in voting, depending on the type and quantity of NFTs held.

RADA Voting and Transparency

Funding and revenue generation for the RADA Rookie Nurturing Program can be facilitated based on DAO decisions. The two-track hybrid voting system ensures that no decisions are missed, with offline voting results stored in the RADA Auto-executable Smart Contract Factory (RAS Factory) with on-chain voting starting from there. The RAS Factory stores proposals that have passed off-chain voting and may be moved to the on-chain voting track. The result of the voting is immediately executed by the smart contract.

The Foundation implements a fair probability NFT draw system using Chainlink VRF, which allows the chance to obtain specific NFTs through a draw using RADA token.

Furthermore, the Foundation provides the ERA (Explore RADA Asset) platform to transparently track all asset transactions occurring within the RADA ecosystem by making ENS (Ethereum Name Service) mandatory for key wallets such as team volume, operating funds, and partners.

RADA's implementation of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology in football club management will create a transparent, democratic, and efficient process that will increase trust and engagement between the club and its supporters.

Find Out More

You can visit the official RADA website, or read the full story in the RADA whitepaper. Be sure to follow RADA on Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit, or join the conversation on Telegram or Discord.

Round 1 of the RADA IEO will go live on Probit Global on July 14th. Be one of the first to join the RADA DAO and get exclusive access to exciting benefits.