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How to Verify Your Balance

Published date: October 15, 2018 at 06:00 (UTC+0)

To check the balance available in your ProBit Global wallet, click ‘Wallet’ in the menu at the top of the home page and then select ‘Balance

Details such as Available Balance, Total Balance, and USDT Value will be displayed.

  • Available Balance - the amount of coins held in the wallet that are available for transactions. DOES NOT INCLUDE coins that are locked up in ongoing transactions like open orders or staking.
  • Total Balance - the total amount of coins held in the wallet. This amount applies to  all assets INCLUDING coins that are locked up in ongoing transactions like open orders or staking.
  • USDT Value - the approximate USDT value of coins held in the wallet. It is calculated based on the most recent trade price of that coin. Please note, that the approximate value of the coin may fluctuate depending on the current market situation, and that it does not affect the total amount of the coins held in the wallet.

Another way to see your balance is via the trading platform. Click on Exchange in the top menu. On the bottom left corner, you will find a summary of the balance in your wallet.

Why do I not see my coins?

Please note, that if you have any ongoing transactions such as open orders or staking, the coins will not be available. Coins locked in open orders and staking are only visible in the Total Balance.

How are the coin values calculated in my wallet balance?

The coin values in your wallet are calculated with the following formula:


If the coin value is lower or higher than what you have expected, please recalculate based on the last traded price.

My wallet balance is different from my deposit address balance on the blockchain

To further safeguard user-deposited funds, the balance in ProBit Global is divided and stored in both cold and hot wallets. The balance you see in a Blockchain explorer may be reflecting only the details of the particular hot wallet address. To check the total balance of your wallet in ProBit Global, please follow the website and visit the Wallet > Balance page.