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How to use Deltabadger Automated DCA bots

Published date: November 3, 2021 at 08:01 (UTC+0)

🔹 Why use Automated DCA on ProBit Global?

Dollar-cost averaging, or DCA, is a commonly used investing tactic which involves a recurring hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly buying or selling of a specific asset determined by a pre-set time frame. A key advantage of this approach is that traders are not required to time the market and can simply execute DCA without any underlying analysis or misgivings.

👉 With Deltabadger, ProBit Global users can set up automated hourly, weekly, or monthly DCA to set up a long-term HODL position for any of the tokens listed on ProBit Global using USDT.

Deltabadger's smart interval option will direct the bot to place all orders according to the minimum order size permitted, essentially prioritizing order execution at the minimum allotment as opposed to time frame.

💡 Turn on smart interval to set buy/sell order limit to 1 USDT, the minimum order size on ProBit Global

By using the limit order option, DCA bots can be programmed to place orders at a specified % below or above the price for an automated buy-low, sell-high that can also be strategically placed to offset transaction fees and market spreads.

The price condition filter is another powerful feature that will restrict all orders to within a certain range, a setting that can pay off significantly by purchasing during a market bottom or pullback, for example.

🔹 How to set up DCA bots on Deltabadger

  1. Log in to your ProBit Global account, click on My Page, then click API Management.

  1. Name your API key and click on Create new key.

  1. You will be prompted to complete 2FA to proceed with creating your API keys.

  1. Save your Client ID and Secret Key, ensure that the Trading box is checked and that the Withdrawal allowed option is unchecked.

*Be sure to save your secret key in a safe place as it will only be shown once.
(Optional) To limit key accessibility to Deltabadger, click on IP Address Restriction and enter the following address:


  1. Log in to Deltabadger (https://app.deltabadger.com/), click on Dashboard, and then click on ProBit Global.  

  1. Enter your ProBit Global API client ID and secret key that you saved earlier in Step 4.

  1. Once the API is activated, you will be able to access Deltabadger features.


Deltabadger key features

  1. Click to activate smart interval and execute all orders at the minimum order size, or 1 USDT
  2. (Only for hodler package) Input a number to execute orders at a specified % less than the lowest available sell order on the market
  3. (Only for hodler package) Set a price range to execute orders only within the specified range.

*Disclaimer: ProBit Global does not endorse nor will be held liable for the usage of the platform and any resulting financial losses, if any. Do your own research on the security features of Deltabadger and their reputation as a company before proceeding. Deltabadger is not owned, or a subsidiary of ProBit Global. Both companies are in no way related.

The above should not constitute financial advice.