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What is ProBit Token and Its Benefits

Published date: May 15, 2020 at 02:57 (UTC+0)

What is PROB token?

PROB is the utility token of ProBit Global. Holders of PROB receive several benefits including trading fee discounts, additional IEO and referral bonuses.

PROB tokens are the lifeblood of ProBit Global. As ProBit Global flourishes, there is more demand for PROB as PROB tokens can be used to unlock more features.

What are the Benefits of PROB?

The membership levels at ProBit Global depend on the amount of PROB a user has staked. The higher the membership level, the more benefits the user receives. Here are some of the benefits stakers of PROB get:

  1. Lower trading fees when paying with PROB
    To pay trading fees in PROB, go to My Page and set the Pay trading fees with PROB button to ON.

To learn more on how to get lower trading fees by staking PROB, refer to this guide:
ProBit Membership Levels: Lower Your Trading Fees Up to 0.03%

  1. Staking a minimum of 100 PROB allows entry into trading competitions
    To see the list of Active Trading Competitions, refer to this link:
    Trading Competitions at ProBit Global

  1. PROB tokens offer the highest bonuses when purchasing IEO tokens
    To see the IEOs you may participate in, refer to this link
    Active IEOs at ProBit Global