FAQWalletMissing Deposits and Deposits with Incorrect Token or Address Information

Missing Deposits and Deposits with Incorrect Token or Address Information

Published date: April 22, 2019 at 02:06 (UTC+0)

If the deposited amount is not reflected on your account, please be advised that the deposit process is automated via blockchain networks; ProBit Global is unable to control the speed.

In case your deposit has not been reflected on your ProBit Global wallet after 24 hours, please provide the following information and documents through the Submit a Request link. Make sure you have completed KYC STEP 2 on ProBit Global, and we will conduct an investigation to resolve your case.

Misplaced transactions take considerable time to recover so please be sure to always double-check that you are sending the token to the correct destination address and network for the transaction.

Required Information:

  1. Name
  2. ProBit Global account email address
  3. Name of the coin
  4. Deposit amount
  5. Deposit address
  6. Transaction ID (please copy-paste it in your message)
    Example TXID: 0x1234a56789b87654cd32abcd10e123f456789gh123456789i87654j3210ab

Required Documents:

  1. A full-page screenshot taken from the transaction history of the platform that was used to make the transaction. Please make sure that the TXID/hash is visible. Inform us of the name of the platform.


Note: As per official policy, we cannot accept ProBit Global, blockchain explorer or email screenshots. You will need to log in to the platform that was used to withdraw from and provide a screenshot showing the transaction details, which will verify you as the legitimate transaction owner.

  1. A clear close-up photo of your resident registration ID that was used for KYC verification, together with a handwritten note with your ProBit Global email address, the current date, and "ProBit Global deposit not received" phrase written.


  1. One clear, unedited photo showing all of the following information together:
  • your face
  • a handwritten note with the current date (example: July 25, 2022), your ProBit Global email address, as well as "ProBit Global deposit not received" phrase written
  • your resident registration ID


Missing deposit recovery policy

Please note that in some cases, to recover tokens that were sent incorrectly, a recovery fee between 300 USDT to 1,000 USDT is required.

The following is our policy regarding incorrectly placed deposits:

Deposit Type



Recovery available

Tokens listed on ProBit Global

Wrong blockchain network or wrong address


- BNB coin sent via the unsupported ETH chain

- BNB coin sent to the unsupported ETH address


Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo

Free of charge

Deposit to ProBit Global hotwallet address


Smart Contract Deposits

Recovery available

Tokens not listed on ProBit Global

Coin not listed

Coin delisted

Old token before swap

Recovery unavailable

Blockchain not supported by ProBit Global

Not applicable

(recovery not available)

The deposited amount does not meet the minimal recovery amount criteria

The deposit address does not belong to ProBit Global


IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases, the processing period may be delayed, or recovery may not be possible due to technical difficulties or security risks.

Please understand that if a transaction is deposited incorrectly, the recovery process not only poses a security risk, but also takes a considerable amount of time due to complex verifications. The technical difficulties and security risks may cause the processing period to be delayed, or the recovery may not be possible. Please make sure to verify the deposit address and network before sending any transaction. Please note that due to technical limitations, attempts to recover do not always guarantee success.