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How to Re-enable account

Published date: October 15, 2023 at 04:00 (UTC+0)

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What is a re-enable account?

The 'Re-enable Account' feature allows users to restore access to their ProBit Global accounts after previously disabling them due to suspicious account activities. If you would like to re-enable a previously disabled account, please contact the Support Team through the 'Submit a request' link and provide the following documents:

1. A clear unedited selfie, together with your ID and a handwritten note with the following information:

  • ProBit Global re-enable account request” phrase written (title of your request)
  • Your ProBit Global email
  • The date of your request (today)

2. A clear, unedited, close-up photo of your ID with the handwritten note with the request. The note should have all the necessary details written as visible in the following example:

Ensure to proceed with the request to re-enable the account only after confirming the security of your ProBit Global account. To protect your assets safely, the re-enable account request will be processed only 24 hours after the account was disabled and if the necessary documents are submitted. Once your account is re-enabled, withdrawals will be restricted for 72 hours.