FAQIEOWhat is IEO Token Vesting?

What is IEO Token Vesting?

Published date: April 22, 2022 at 08:02 (UTC+0)

What is vesting?

Tokens purchased during IEO are subject to vesting, or strategically timed token distribution according to specified timeframes. Essentially, IEO participants must wait out the specified timeframe until the distribution of their entire IEO purchase is complete.

How does vesting benefit IEO participants?

Vesting is a strategy that helps prevent unfair or underhanded market manipulation, particularly from early-stage investors who may gain an early advantage.

  • Releasing tokens in phases rather than a one-time lump distribution helps promote fair price discovery via natural market forces.
  • Vesting also aligns the common interests of all token holders with the long-term visions of the project team, incentivizing future success.

When will I receive my IEO tokens?

Each IEO will feature a unique vesting schedule or timeline during which tokens will be distributed incrementally to all IEO participants.

  1. The first phase of distribution will occur at TGE (Token Generation Event), or the token’s official listing date.
  2. Following the TGE distribution, distribution of the remaining IEO tokens will proceed according to the specified IEO vesting schedule.


You are entitled to 1,000 tokens whose vesting schedule is as follows:

Listing date (TGE)

20% released

60 days after listing

80% released

  1. On the Listing Date (TGE), you will receive 200 tokens (1,000 x 20%).
  2. 60 days after TGE, 80% of the tokens purchased are distributed. You will receive 800 tokens (1,000 x 80%).